A hot water system upgrade involves changing the electric storage into a heat pump,
making the water-heating system more efficient and environmentally friendly. An electric
storage water heater is less efficient than heat pumps because it takes more time and
electricity for the water to heat up.

The heat pumps are more efficient in terms of the time it takes and the amount of
electricity consumed to heat up your water.

The hot water system upgrade allows homeowners and establishment owners to save up to
$862 running costs per year on the electricity bill because the water heats up at a 75%
faster rate than your traditional heating system.

Upgrading your water heater will reduce the toll of carbon emissions on the environment
and save you money as well. The heat pumps are CFC-Free devices which ensure the safety
of the residents and workers of the establishment that uses these heat pumps.

Free Hot Water System Upgrade


A heat pump is a device that transfers heat, usually from one medium to another. Heat pumps have a variety of uses such as being used as a water heater. This is considered as an upgrade from the normal electric storage water heaters because it only uses a compressor and a fan while the electric storage heats up the water directly using an electric element.

A heat pump works similarly to air-conditioners and refrigerators but uses the opposite effect. The fan draws in stagnant/ambient air with heat that converts the refrigerant liquid to a gas-like state. After the refrigerant turns into a gas, the compressor pressurizes the gas, creating heat in the process. This heat is used to warm up the water in the tank. After the heating process, the refrigerant’s temperature drops, turning it back into a liquid state which allows the refrigerant to be reused again.

The heat pump uses renewable energy to generate heat and warm up the water without the need for a solar panel. This system works 80% more efficient than electrical storage meaning time and electricity will be saved when operating this. It does this by heating up the water faster through refrigerants and high pressure while also functioning at a lower energy cost. This ensures that less electricity will be used which will leave less carbon footprints when operating this.



The VEU is a program launched by the Victorian Government to promote and take a step
closer to a sustainable tomorrow. The government uses this to help qualified homes and
establishments to lessen the amount charged in power bills. This hot water energy
upgrades program was established to cut electrical bill costs by increasing the efficiency of
water heating by upgrading to heat pumps. This saves the environment, and your wallet.
The VEU doesn’t only focus on saving money, it’s also made to ensure the safety of the
environment by cutting back greenhouse gas emissions by giving qualified households and
businesses access to efficient products.

The VEU was designed to improve energy efficiency and make them more affordable for
the masses, and in most cases, make these upgrades free so anyone can take part in the
fight to save the environment.

With the VEU, residential and commercial structures can receive free water heat pumps that
operates more efficiently than your traditional water heaters. This supports hot water
system replacement in Victoria.

Aside from water heats, the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program also aims to provide
Victorian structures with free LED upgrades to replace their fluorescent fixtures with under
the support of VEET. The VEU also offers sustainable air-conditioning upgrades, more
efficient air-conditioning units that will help the environment and help you save.


Australian Green Solution offers free heat pump upgrades as part of the VEU program.
Aside from heat pumps, the institute also offers different upgrades that offer sustainable

Australian Green Solution aims to accelerate the world’s transition from carbon-emitting
technology to more energy-efficient products that use sustainable energy. The institute
aims to reach this goal by giving out free energy upgrades, one of which is the heat pump
upgrade. The institute has been operating for more than 5 years installing residential and
commercial energy efficient upgrades in Australia.

The heat pump is made of high-quality components to ensure that the quality of the
machine is at its best possible condition. A Japanese compressor is used to ensure that the
compressor functions as quiet as possible.

The heat pump was tailored for Australian conditions, The temperature of the device
ranges from -7 o up to -45 o and it also supports frost protection as well.
The heat pump upgrade by Australian Green Solution is CFC-free, ensuring the safety of the
environment and the users. It runs more efficiently than other water-heating methods
meaning time and money is saved. All of this is done to save the environment, and your

The services offered by Australian Green Solution are all government approved under VIC,
VEU, and NSW programs.


The Australian Green Solution functions under the Victorian Government’s Initiatives such
as the Victorian Energy Upgrade which provides commercial and residential establishments
with free hot water system upgrade.
Aside from this, the Victorian Government has also launched different initiatives that give
residents and establishments within the area the chance to switch to LED as light sources
for a more efficient and economical light source.
The Victorian Government launched multiple initiatives to keep the environment clean.
These upgrades are free for anyone living in the state of Victoria, along with other

The property must be in Regional Victoria; the main heating system must be electric only
to be qualified for the upgrade. The current system must be older than 3 years old, and the
current system must be located outdoors.

If the current system is a gas system, it is, unfortunately, unavailable for an upgrade under
the current Victorian Energy Upgrade Regulations.

You can check your eligibility status to avail the FREE upgrade

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