Split System Upgrade under Victorian Energy Upgrade

The Split System Upgrade under Victorian Energy Upgrade

A great opportunity for homeowners with an existing single split system. This energy efficiency upgrade involves replacing a single split system with two or more splits to distribute the cooling load evenly, thereby reducing running costs and operating temperature.
This Split System Upgrade is available under the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program (VEUP). VEUP helps homeowners who want to reduce energy consumption, save money on their energy bills and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by installing more energy-efficient appliances.


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The Split System replacement Victoria is designed for homes with an existing ducted HVAC system that needs to be upgraded. It helps reduce energy consumption and has electronic controls and a digital display (option), which makes it easy to set the temperature you want. It helps to maintain steady indoor temperature and humidity levels throughout the year, even during hot and humid summers.


Split system air conditioners are the most efficient form of central air conditioning. They use a single outdoor unit to condition the air that is distributed evenly throughout your home by your existing indoor ductwork. In this way, they provide cooling that is equal in quality and precise temperature control to what a traditional window unit would deliver; however, they are much more energy-efficient than window units. If you already have central heating and wish to replace one old unit with a split system, it’s possible for the installer to add an indoor coil (evaporator) without having to reroute any ductwork.


Split systems have a variety of advantages over window or wall-mounted systems, not least the ability to install them in locations that are difficult to access. Unlike installing ducting through your home and outside walls, split systems can be installed inside buildings, or even in garages or carports.


Upgrade your home under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program with the most efficient heating and cooling system available in Australia – an energy-efficient split system air conditioner. Split systems are a cost-effective way to replace old units that are inefficient, dirty, and aging giving you more comfort with less running costs.


Under the Victorian Energy Upgrades scheme, if you install a high-efficiency heat pump to replace the old air-conditioning system you could save up to $1250 off your summer bills and earn $250 from a VEET rebate.


Under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, eligible Victorians can apply to have their current air conditioner replaced with a high energy-efficient model.


You can save money and energy by upgrading your existing air conditioning to a more efficient system. By installing a Split System upgrade you will reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your home and lower your electricity bills.

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