Discoutned Home LED Lighting for Sale

VEU approved LED lighting for quick sale! minimum order: 10 pcs

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Discounted Home LED Lighting for Sale

Victorian households are eligible to have their LED lighting upgrade for Discounted PRICE. Thanks to both State and Federal Government initiatives, such as the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program, we can now offer our service for the supply and installation of your LED lights for no cost to eligible households, saving hundreds in long term costs – Take advantage of the government rebate program and reduce your electricity bill over 80%.


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We install VEET Scheme approved LED lighting products, which are cost-saving and energy-efficient. If you are eligible under the VEET Scheme, the products are free (subject to meeting the free products eligibility criteria).

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All Victorian households and businesses using old lights are eligible for Free LED light replacement under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program.

LED lights are installed by certified A-grade electricians.

CFL Lights           LED Lights
Last between 10,000 and 20,000 hrsLifespan >50,000 hrs. reducing maintenance costs
High energy consumptionUse ~ 80% less electricity. Lower energy bills
Increased maintenance costs due to constant replacementDecreased maintenance costs due to a longer lifespan
Run on temperatures up to 200°CRun on temperatures lower than 80°C, reducing fire hazards

LED lighting technology has played a vital role in helping our nation reduce greenhouse emissions. With global demand for more sustainable lighting solutions, LED lighting seems taking the top spot in the lighting industry with ground-breaking breakthroughs in energy efficiency and illumination. This is the reason LEDs have become a staple in commercial and residential LED lighting upgrades.

Old bulbs are energy-hungry and unsafe, owing to high energy consumption and heat emission. Whereas LEDs are a great substitute for not only savings, cost reductions, and environmental benefits, but also for health benefits and safety reasons.

With the government free light bulbs program under VEU program in full swing, more and more households are switching to energy-efficient LED lights.

If you haven’t made the switch to LED from globes, CFLs, it’s time to make your house energy-efficient and future-ready.

  • Movement of electrons in a semiconductor material for illumination is the reason for low energy consumption
  • LED lights use cold light generation technology. Meaning maximum light is delivered in the visible spectrum.
  • In LEDs, light is carried through a LED driver, causing a semiconductor to emit photons
  • Heat output in LEDs is less than 20%

LEDs don’t waste energy in the form of heat. Energy in old lamps falls in an infrared (or non-visible) spectrum, hence low light and high heat. Which means part of the energy is wasted as heat instead of being converted to light in CFLs.

LEDs don’t heat up because most of the electric energy is converted into light – about 80% or more.

  • Covered under government rebate scheme: It may sound like an option initially, looking at rebates and offers provided by the state government (under VEU program) to make the switch a breeze and considerable savings you make on energy bills each month, residential LED lighting upgrade is an investment that you make once.
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 80%: Replacing old CFLs with energy-efficient LED lights can reduce your energy usage by almost 80%. Low energy consumption means low power bills.
  • Increased lifespan, reduced maintenance cost: LED lights last 10 times longer than fluorescent lamp (CFL), and 40 times longer than globes.
  • Reduce carbon footprint: Not only because LEDs consume less energy but also because some of them are made from recyclable materials, i.e., even lesser carbon footprint.
  • Instant bright light: LED lights go bright instantly. Unlike in CFLs, you don’t have to wait for 10 minutes for lights to achieve full brightness.
  • No fire hazards: LED lights don’t emit heat energy, therefore reduce the risk of fire, making your home a safe place.
  • Aesthetics: They are more beautiful than conventional lights thanks to hardware and fitting options. This enables you to choose a product that fits your needs. Additionally, residential LED lighting upgrade offers a range of light including downlights, dimmable lights, etc., to help transform your home into an oasis of well-being.

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